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See how our brave customers have installed their Letshelter as versatile towel hooks and hangers in every corner of their homes!

Let's start with an important point: all Letshelter, as we like to call them, can be installed on walls, drywall, magnetic surfaces, and even on radiators. Choose the mounting type you prefer, because we are much more than simple hooks, hangers, and ceramic towel racks. We are handcrafted in Italy by passionate and creative artisans, ready to make your home, bathroom, and kitchen truly unique. Oh, and when we say 'radiators,' we mean towel warmers, radiator furniture, and vertical tube radiators.

Customers who have already chosen Letshelter are increasingly enthusiastic, and we want to share their experiences with you through unique and original photos and reviews.

Towel warmer or bathroom radiator: see how they installed them
letshelter hangers on black towel warmerusing letshelter hanger on towel warmer whiteletshelter hangers and hooks on white towel warmer
Letshelter hangers with towels on towel warmers in the bathroomLetshelter towel rack installed on radiatorLetshelter towel rails installed on towel warmers in the bathroom
Wall or plasterboard: all the solutions for your home
Letshelter wall-mounted coat rackLetshelter heart-shaped bag hangerLetshelter hanger installed on plasterboard
Letshelter hanger and wall hooksHeart-shaped clothes hanger letshelterLetshelter wall hook
Tubular radiators: a great space-saving solution
Letshelter hangers and hooks installed on vertical tube radiatorItalians towel rail by Letshelter installed on vertical pipe radiatorLetshelter ceramic hooks installed in bathroom on radiator
Letshelter hangers installed on tubular radiator in bedroomLetshelter hanger installed on classic radiatorsHangers and letshelter hooks installed on radiators in the home
Magnetic surfaces: our magnet holds up to 10Kg
Letshelter hanger with magnet on kitchen fridgeHeart-shaped Letshelter bag holder installed with magnet on radiatorLetshelter Magnetic Hangers and Hooks
Letshelter magnetic towel rackLetshelter magnetic hanger with milan city mapLetshelter magnetic hanger on bathroom radiator

If you're not completely enchanted yet, hold on to your hat! Letshelter is like the best friend who mirrors your personality. It's more than just a ceramic hook or towel rack; it's a versatile masterpiece that fits into any space, from walls to radiators, towel warmers, vertical tube radiators, and beyond. And if you want a touch of magic, consider that it can even adhere to metal surfaces, thanks to its super-strong magnet that holds up to 10 kg!

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